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lip blush tattoo


Lip Blush Tattoo at Face by Nina:

Our Lip Blush Tattoo is a semi-permanent makeup treatment that uses a highly advanced technique which is gentle and non-invasive to create a soft, natural-looking finish that lasts 2-5 years. 

  • Only the highest quality products are used.

  • All of our inks are ethically made & tested, vegan & cruelty free.

  • Requires x2 appointments to finalise the work. The second appointment is scheduled 6-8 weeks after the initial appointment.

  • Our premise is upheld to strict standards inside a dentist and is council approved.

  • There is strict Pre-Procedural information and After-care information that needs to be adhered to. 

Benefits of Lip Blush Tattoo:

  • new and improved colour (customised to suit you)

  • consistent colouring throughout lips 

  • more defined, lip border definition

  • can make slight adjustments to symmetry and improve shape

  • lips can appear bigger due to colour being brought to the border of the lips

  • can attempt to camouflage scars, fordyce spots, sun spots 

Whats included with your appointment

  • Individualised Consultation 

  • Personalised lip colour

  • Aftercare Kit to take home 

  • Topical anaesthetic 

  • A comfortable treatment room for you to relax during your appointment 

  • Advanced technique used, with lips softly blended & no harsh lines

  • A chance to get $50 off your treatment if you successfully refer a friend (they will also get $50 off). *not in conjunction with another offer

Gift Cards are also available to purchase

for any specific amount!

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