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  • Am I a good candidate for lip blush tattoo?

Lip Blush Tattoo is NOT recommended if:

·       You are under the age of 18.

·       You are pregnant or breastfeeding.

·       You are undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiation treatments.

·       You are taking prescribed medications on a daily basis including Antibiotics, Steroids or Blood Thinners.

·       You have skin conditions such as Keloid, Skin Diseases, or issues to include Rosacea or Overly-Sensitive Skin.

·       You have had any Lip filler within the last 4 weeks.

·       You have Diabetes type 1 or epilepsy.

Please inform your artist if you have any allergies, medical conditions, or take any medications.


  • Does it hurt?

A highly effective topical anaesthetic is used to numb your lips prior to treatment. Everybody’s pain threshold varies. Most say they can feel nothing at all to a slight feeling, but no pain. Some clients find it relaxing.  

  • How long does Lip Blush Tattoo last?

We are all unique and as such, results can last anywhere between 2-5 years. Your second appointment is required ~5 weeks after your initial, this is important to get the best colour, shape and longevity. Then after that we recommended an annual touch up to keep the colour fresh and make any changes if desired. Please note that final results cannot be guaranteed, as we break down pigments at different rates and have varied skin types. 

  • I have filler is this okay?

Yes absolutely! Filler + Lip Tattoo looks incredible. Just wait 5 weeks either side of treatment. 


  • What can I expect in the appointment? 

After you have followed your PRE care guidelines and filled out your consultation which is sent to you prior to your appointment, you are ready for your appointment. We start with a consultation, numbing cream is applied to your lips. We discuss shape and colour. I begin lip mapping and prepare colour choice. Tattoo commences, minimal pain, feel free to relax and nap. Lip oil is applied and lips are beautiful. You are given appropriate aftercare treatment and information to take home. Total appointment takes 1.5-2 hours.  


  • Why do I have to have a touch up appointment? 

Although most of the time your lips may look like they have healed within a few days, there’s a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes and they take 6-8 weeks to heal fully. New procedures are a two-step process and final results are sometimes not guaranteed until a follow up visit is completed. This ensures longevity of results, filling in any spots where the lips did not take pigment well and making any required changes. 


  • Is there downtime?

For most clients, there is minimal to slight swelling the lips which dies down within a few hours. Lips can feel a bit tender and the colour can be dark. You should not be in any pain. You should be fine to go about your normal day, avoiding some things whilst your lips heal eg. kissing, sauna, spicy foods etc (see CARE page).  

  • What should I do before my appointment? 

There are very important guidelines that must be followed leading up to your appointment. Hydration, dry lips, alcohol, sun exposure are some of the factors. Check out the ‘CARE’ page to read the important PRE care information.


  • I’ve had my lips tattooed in the past is this okay?

Most of the time- yes. I ask for photo of your lips in natural light. Policy is all new clients will be charged full set prices if you are a new client to me. I allow the same amount of time for every new client whether you have been previously tattooed or not. Your appointment will include a consultation discussing your desired outcome, mapping to ensure correct shape for each individual, pigment choice, numbing cream application, tattoo procedure & take home aftercare.


  • I have had a cold sore before is this okay? 

Yes, you must take an anti-viral medication pre and post your appointment to reduce the risk of a flare up. You must not have an active cold sore during your appointment.


  • Can I buy a Gift Card?

Yes absolutely. Head to the Gift Card page to purchase a Gift Card worth any amount. They get sent to an email and can be printed out. 

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